Arrival / by Shaun Ventulan

The journey to Barcelona feels a little bit surreal. The fact that I spent most of my day on the 16th exploring Los Angeles made it into a destination itself. Who knew there was so much to do in Silver Lake and Echo Park? A hidden gem in an ever expanding city. 

Why would I write about my moments prior to departure?

Despite making it to my flight with an hour to spare, it made transitioning easier. A huge adrenaline pump with a mixture of increased dopamine levels took over me, which is also known as excitement. In contrast to my Tokyo departure, this was far from anxiety filled paranoia. A cup of fair trade vanilla latte and good vibes prior to my departure really skewed my perspective before embarking on a long and unyielding flight. I sat in the middle of two Englishmen, who were game developers for Rare (creators of Banjo-Kazooie). John, who became my new friend, walked me through his game and the joys of working for such a company, which made the 9 hour flight feel a little bit shorter. Sleep was futile. The more I tried, the more I focused on the fact that sleep was difficult.