The Travel Blues / by Shaun Ventulan

I have an insatiable thirst for travel. The idea of living a rather nomadic lifestyle is something I yearn for, and I am sure some share the same sentiment. Travel, to me, is not an escape from reality anymore, but a mere confrontation of life’s what ifs. This confrontation is significant, because if one does not confront ones hesitations, it becomes an experience lost. If one does pursue uncertainty, nothing gained can be lost. The outcome may not always be fruitful, but one may learn lessons applicable to life.  

Ultimately, the beauty of travel is uncertainty. Every waking day is how one makes it. One becomes the artisan of life. Each calculated step becomes a major feat towards self-fulfillment and self-discovery. Travel is when one will realize the infinite possibilities in our finite time, and why we should wander. Every interaction is a door to unbounded opportunities. I personally think this factor is what sways most to wander. The allure of living days of spontaneity is what we all desire, as opposed to a lackluster routine. We wander not to escape the harsh realities, but to seek the thrill of uncertainty.  

Travel does have its foreseeable concerns. Once a traveler returns to stagnancy from a long venture, assimilation takes a while. We become so consumed over a dynamic lifestyle that finding joy becomes a temporary scarcity. Of course, this is a fleeting emotion that one will encounter. My humanity is ultimately based off an intrinsic need for curiosities and answers. As for now, I will continue to look up and imagine myself traveling without reservation.